The Transparency Committee supervises the enforcement of the regulations of the Transparency Code (TC)

The companies having joined the TC in Hungary have established the Transparency Cooperation, which is an independent non-profit platform. The Transparency Cooperation ensures that the Hungarian TC is in accordance with the actual pertaining Code of the EFPIA and the Hungarian legislation at all times. The members of the cooperation founded the Transparency Committee, which aids in the application of the TC, and investigates each incident where the violation of its regulations is suspected. If the violation is confirmed, the Committee has the right to apply various penalties; in more serious cases the violating company may be excluded from the cooperation and its name can be disclosed as a non-transparent pharmaceutical company.

Members of the Transparency Committee:

Dr. Flautner Ildikó, Chairman (Lilly)
Dr Nikolett Varga, (Janssen)
Dr. Györgyi Liptákné Csuka, (Biogen)
Dr. Sulyok Gábor, (Novartis)
Dr. Farkas Lili (Merck)

Contact information: